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How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Have you just started your own business and need some help with social media? We can help you create a social media strategy that will generate a healthy return on investment (RoI).

There are many social media platforms that are now available for businesses to use, but if it is your first time using social media you might not know how to develop a strategy that suits this society. There are over 2.7 billion people using social media worldwide, which shows that social media is one of the best avenues to promote your brand.

What is a social media marketing plan?

You need a social media marketing plan that fits in with your business objectives to get the best results possible. You need to include your current position of your social media accounts (followers, likes and reach), your competitions position, your target goals and the steps and tools you need to reach your target goals.

Your social media marketing plan will be a blue print for all of your actions when promoting your brand on social media.

Steps to create a social media strategy:

Step 1 – Set your social media goals and objectives.

By having clear objectives will help you see whether your campaigns are doing well or whether they are failing. Start establishing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so you can measure your success. The goals you set need to be aligned with your marketing strategy so your social media efforts to meet your business goals. The social media metrics that are important are click through rates, bounce rate, social mentions, conversion rates, likes and shares.

Step 2 – Social media audit

By conducting an audit, you will see what is working and what could be improved, make sure you analyse the type of content that you need to use for your audience. Record down your current social media progress, check that your social media pages are on brand, record your follow count and posting frequency and then keep track of what is working for your brand. After this compare it to your competitors, see what sort of content your competitors post and how they interact with their customers

Step 3 – Create or optimise your social media

After completing your audit, you need to improve your social media presence. Update your pictures, improve your content, research your competitors and see what they do.

Step 4 – Create a content plan

It is really important to post and share relevant content to your customers on a regular basis. Making a content marketing plan will help you know what type of content you need to post on social media and how you should be post and share content.

Step 5 – Track and evaluate

It’s important to monitor and measure your progress. If you start tracking and measuring the social media metrics, you’ll be able to identify what’s working and what isn’t and then be able to change your social media marketing plan.

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