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Creating Social Media Videos For Your Business

Creating videos is outperforming most types of content, not only on social media but online as a whole. Billions of hours of videos are watched every single day. In fact, it’s believed that by 2020 online videos will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Currently, over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day; on Snapchat that number increases to 10 billion. Overall, videos get a lot more engagement on social media- 1200% more shares.

You should study top-performing blog posts including yours and others in your niche. If you have a blog, check out the web analytics tool to see what your top blog posts are- the ones that always get the most traffic and clicks, as well as the most shares. These can make good ideas for topics, either for turning the blog post into a video or by using the blog post as inspiration for a video, such as focusing on one aspect of the blog post. By studying the top videos that your competitors share, you can see what works best. However, use this to not copy, but to get inspiration.

Short interviews (the long form version of the interview can be used on your website or blog or on certain social networks, like Facebook) with influencers with other people that your audience would appreciate.

With promotional/marketing videos, using social media enables you to promote your products. For example, creating short product tutorials or teasers for upcoming projects.

Nowadays, you can easily use your own smartphone to create videos to post on social media. However, you could get extra equipment to help. For example, a tripod, for making your videos look more professional. Another example is to maybe purchase some pro lights to improve the lighting. Another thing to consider purchasing would be a microphone to make sure the sound is good quality.

You need to make sure that your videos are easy to understand without the sound on. Many social media users don’t have their sound on whilst browsing their newsfeeds; most videos on social media are viewed without the sound on. Because of this you need to make sure that your videos are easy to understand even without the sound on, your calls to action are very clear, and that the video still gets the message across.

Whether it’s the actual format of the video or its content, most of the time you can’t post the exact same video on just any social media network. You have to use different formats and slightly change the content to make your videos work across all platforms. Also, uploading your videos natively helps with the video’s reach.

Using calls to action helps drive people to take action, particularly with promotional and marketing videos. Another thing is to keep your videos short. Longer videos can work on social media, but shorter videos are much better. You also need to make sure that every time you share and create a video, the branding is visible.

For editing the videos, is an online video maker that was built with social media video in mind; that’s because they have over 30 different formats that you can resized to. You can use your own videos and edit them with the tool, or you can add videos and photos from their collection of stock footage. When editing, you can easily zoom in and out of your video, trim video segments and add more, add subtitles to each screen. You can also watermark your videos.

For editing animated videos, a good option is Vyond- This is exclusively for creating animated videos. This tool is surprisingly easy to use as you have access to an array of templates and animation styles that you can use. To customize your animation, you can browse through different elements and characters and add them to your video. For example, if you want to add a new character, you can search through the lists of characters and chose their type of clothing/their actions.

Another great option for businesses and marketers is to use Animoto. Whilst being able to use it for editing personal and family videos, there is also a marketing option where you can get numerous templates. This specific tool is all about live action videos. You start by choosing the storyboard, then you can change the short videos in each segment by uploading your own photos and videos. After adding your own videos, you can easily watermark them, add text, customize the font, add filters and add music. In terms of video formats, you can change them between landscape and square.

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