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Why Your Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Work

The most common reason for the failure of a social media marketing campaign is because no strategy has been put in place. A strategy is putting a clear plan of action in place to achieve a goal. You just need to have clear and measurable goals, a method of achieving those goals and have a clear brand voice.

A social media campaign only works effectively when its integrated with and complemented by other marketing assets. Every profile that you have should be linked to all other platforms, each providing a different but consistent type of messaging. Your social media should be tied directly to your website, email and paid research campaigns so that customers can easily access the appropriate touchpoint to meet their particular needs.

Over time, your social media campaign will generate a huge amount of data. Success with social media isn’t just about the likes, engagement and shares. Improving your social media skills by learning how to use data analytics tools will be a huge boost for your campaign.

Social media experts are great for improving your social media skills, but they can’t create your social media strategy for you. The social media strategies that are unique and give consumers an insight into the personalities behind the brand are the most successful.

Researching your audience is quite a vital part of creating your social media strategy. Understanding who your audience is, what they look like and what makes them tick is an essential if you want to really engage them. Asking your customers questions, running surveys with them as well as looking at the conversations your customers are having online to help build a detailed picture of your audience. You also need to think about which social media platforms your audience are most likely to use and what types of posts will engage them.

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