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Do You Need a Website Refresh?

Time changes and businesses grow, to make sure you get stronger sales your website needs to grow with your business. How do you know whether you need a website refresh or a complete redesign?

A website refresh is like a new hairstyle, it’s usually quick and simple to do. A website refresh might be triggered by small changes in your business, customer needs or technology. Here are 5 reasons on why you might need a website refresh:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To respond in the right way to the Google Algorithm, you don’t need a completely new redesign! To adapt your current SEO practices and continue to climb the rankings, you will need to adapt your website to do so. It’s a good idea to stay on top of your content with frequent refreshes.

New Company Logo

If you have updated your company’s logo, then you will definitely need to change this on your website to maintain your branding. Unless your other brand assets are affected like the colour palette or type face, then you will not need a redesign.

New Additions to your Business

If you need to add new blogs, services or team members to your website then you need a user-friendly back office to do so. If you are uploading blog posts then you may need a new blog section, which will also improve SEO. To add these new pages, you can use existing designs without the need of a redesign.

Promotional or Outdated Content

Do you have old services on your website or want to change the content so it focuses more on a new aspect your business then you could add promotional videos or small sections of content without impacting the overall website design.

Improve User Experience

If your website is slightly outdated, then it might make the user journey difficult. Simple changes to help your visitors quickly and easily navigate your site will include making related content, slight changes to menus or adding search filters to content.

A website redesign is quite different from a refresh, a redesign is working from the ground up, starting with user research and discovery meetings, building content and digital strategies. Here are 5 reasons for a website redesign:

Stagnant Website

One of the main reasons for a website redesign Is because it looks dated, difficult user experience and is slow. We can make a brand new website that is modern and fast.

Full Rebrand

Whether it’s a merger, acquisition or a facelift for your business, a rebrand will need a complete redesign. A rebrand will change the logo, colours, typeface and other design elements. To make sure that everything matches, you will need a new website.

Outdated Technology

Your website will reflect your current business model and branding, and if the technology you use is outdated then you might be in trouble. If you haven’t updated your technology, then your website might not be optimised for mobile users, which is something Google looks for when improving SEO.

Marketing Integrations

If you need to add any marketing technology to your website then you would probably need a redesign. If you are looking to add an online shop to your website, then you will need to change the style of your website to integrate it.

Your digital strategy is dependent on your website and content, big changes will need a redesign. Content, social media, advertising and SEO can affect your website, however major changes will need a new approach.

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