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Is it Time for a Website Refresh for your Business?

First impressions count. You will probably spend a lot of time and effort into perfecting your website in order to promote your business, but once it grows what you have worked on in the past, might not reflect your business now. Your website is the first time your potential customers will see your business and what you provide. According to recent studies, 75% of consumers will admit that they judge a business’s credibility based on their website design.

What is a Website Refresh?

Think of a website refresh as sprucing up your living, you keep the foundation the same but purchase additional furniture for a new look. You can refresh your website by making small changes that change the visual appearance, like fonts and colours.

Every website is an ever-changing work in progress that will change depending on how your business grows. Are you at the point where your website needs a refresh?

Do you need a Website Refresh?

Changing your website will improve your web presence, in a cost-efficient way. If you have had your website for a while then it might be difficult to know when it needs updating, here are some easy-to-identify situations that will answer your questions:

You have a high bounce rate

Your sales are not improving

Your website looks out of date

Your communication is ineffective

If you agree with any of the above statements, then it is time for a website refresh.

A website refresh can be from choosing a different font or colour, it depends on what you feel! The magic of a website refresh is that small changes can make a huge difference. Here are some cost-effective and quick updates you can make to your website:


Does your website make you proud? Graphics will change the way that your site feels, outdated graphics will make your design layout look outdated. Layout, fonts and colours will affect your brand image. Before deciding what to change, examine your website carefully.


It takes 50 milliseconds for users to make up their mind about your website, which is not a long time at all! An easy way to refresh your website is to make your communication as engaging as possible so they stay on your website for a long time.

User Experience:

User experience is important as it defines your customer’s journey through your website. The friendlier your website is, the more visitors you will get. Making your links work or changing the way that your menu looks will improve your usability.

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