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Email Marketing is still relevant!

How often do you check your emails? I check mine every day and I bet I’m not the only one! Email marketing is the only digital marketing service where your customers actually ask to receive information from your business.

There are 4.1 billion daily email users in 2021, so I can guarantee that your target audience look at emails daily. With email marketing you will be able to always stay in contact with your audience, whether that is an update on what you have been up to in the company or a special offer. All you have to do is make your emails engaging with a catchy subject line.

With email marketing, you can also send detailed campaigns to specific customers. If you have a large database of customers, I recommend that you split these up. By segmenting your audience into appropriate email marketing lists, you can target the groups more effectively. If you offer a service that is best suited towards females, it makes no sense promoting it to your male audience!

Email marketing can also increase your brand awareness. By signing up to hear more from your business, this shows a basic level of interest however you can increase this by sending them emails weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. A lot of companies will try to constantly sell you products/services which damages your brand reputation, you don’t want to annoy your customers!

We offer an email marketing service to businesses and charities based in Worcestershire. Whether you want us to look at existing designs or start fresh, we can help! After sending the campaign, we will also send you reports that we can go through together and discuss what would work best for your next campaign.

If you are interested in our email marketing service for your business in Worcestershire, get in touch with me today!

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