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Hello November!

"An easy horse never made a good rider"

As many of you know, I have a passion for all thing’s horse and there’s a great saying in the equine world; “an easy horse never made a good rider” So what does this mean? That you only get good when faced with challenges. I find this applies in most areas of life, including business and it’s happening to us all again. Right now. Following Saturday evenings announcement many of us are angry, upset and downright pissed off! But let’s avoid getting thrown off the bucking bronco that we’re all riding, let’s stick together. Let’s get creative!! Nat

4 Things To Do Today!

1. Don’t miss out on lost sales in November – get online and start selling! Using a platform such as Facebook or Ebay you could have an online shop setup within 24hours!

2. Can you offer click and collect or delivery? It’s time to diversify! Just make sure you tell all your customers about it! Use social media, your website, email – don’t let all your efforts go unnoticed – shout about it!!

3. Don’t forget about communication. Now is not the time to retreat and go quiet on your customers. Tell them what you’re doing, keep your social media messages active, post updates on your website – communication is key!

4. Get organised. Use this time to do those jobs you never get around to doing. Get your marketing sorted – properly. Fix your Google Business page. Sort your LinkedIn and then use it properly. Get re-marketing setup and understand the numbers, properly!


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