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National Fast-Food Day

Welcome to Pinfields Marketing’s new blog series!

Each month, I will be celebrating a national day, starting with today, which is National Fast-Food Day! As the new marketing apprentice, I have been given the task of choosing a day to celebrate each month.

I have chosen this day because despite not having the greatest year, there is always one thing that can spread happiness, and that is food.

Today, everyone in our office enjoyed a fast-food lunch which made us think about how companies, particularly McDonald’s, have changed their brand over the years.

Founded in 1955, McDonald's have had a number of logos...

So, why is a logo important?

A logo grabs attention and makes a first impression. As well as that, it must be memorable and separate you from competition. Most importantly though, it is the main identity of your business as a whole!

Do you need help creating a logo to make your company stand out from the crowd? If so, email me:


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